Whether you are the Chef in the kitchen or the teacher in class, good management requires a effective ‘mise-en-place’.

The Chef must streamline and coordinate a large number of activities; he is responsible for providing and maintaining suitable conditions and a well trained staff to carry out the work. In keeping track of the planning and organization he has to take into account the objective regulations of the company and the fact employees have their own interest, capacity, motivation and commitment for the job. 

Over the last two decades I have been a preschool teacher. A elementary schoolteacher needs excellent classroom management skills. More than in any other grade this requires being able to retain the attention span of multiple young children at once. You must also be able to develop and implement lesson plans and ensure each child in the room is receiving a quality education. Since the beginning of the school-year I am working as a substitute teacher which provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with different schools throughout Amsterdam.

For quite some time I had no idea what else I could do besides being a teacher. By attending various schools the dots are starting to connect. I aim to provide teachers with practical support to achieve a good ‘MISE-EN-PLACE IN THE CLASS’ ; to create a better classroom management so they can focus on the education content. It is a difficult aspect of teaching for many teachers. With my knowledge, expertise and experience I think I can make a valuable contribution in this context. -Bregje


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