Geplaatst in Personal


As a kid I had no clue what my grandma meant, when she tucked me in, by saying ‘keep your hands above your blanket when the light’s out.’

My parents both grew up in a devout Catholic family. Unlike their parents who were very conservative, my parents were extremely liberale.

I must have been about the age of 6 when my mom gave me a book on sex education. Besides photos of girls turning into women and boys turning into men, there were real life photo’s of teens having intercourse. I recall being shocked by these pictures, especially by a picture of a young boy who used his erection as a coat rack.

One day my cousins and I found a huge pile of porn magazines stacked in a container behind a student dorm. When our parents found out they lectured us about what we saw in the magazine was vulgar porn instead of an act of love between two people.

These days most children get exposed to online pornography in their early teenage years, either because they are curious or accidentally while surfing the Internet.

It’s a big concern that porn will distorts the perception of reality. Do we want teenage boys feel inadequate and dismissive of women and their desires? Inadequate because they think they would be better bed partners if they have a huge penis that stays erected for ever and that they have to humiliate a woman by pulling her hair?

And what about our girls? Do we want them to think that sex is all about the man’s pleasure and less about theirs. Lots of girls feel obligated to obey man. Being strangled, allow anal sex and have man ejaculate in their face just because they think that’s how it should be.

It is not possible to fully protect our children from exposure to pornography, but we can teach them where lovemaking is all about. -by Bregje