Let me introduce myself. My name is Bregje.

My name is of Dutch origin, which means ‘bright’.  Growing up in The Netherlands my name has never been an issue to me, till I started to associate with a more international crowd. It became an eternal struggle of having a name nobody can pronounce. I’ve been called everything from ‘B’ to names having nothing to do with my name at all. For the sake of my own violability I will not share any of these names. I do not want a nickname stuck to me for th rest of my life.

On my first solo trip ever, I went to India in 2012. Not being able to share my experiences with anyone else, I started to write. I began sharing my stories to friends and family by email. July 2016 I mustered the courage to go online. Bit by bit I’m creating  my own little audience.

I proved my schoolteachers wrong. Writing is not only about grammar and spelling. It’s about being creative and sharing. Most off all I discovered that I like writing, it gives me the chance to show you MY SITE OF THE STORY.- Bregje