Geplaatst in Amsterdam

Give a little whistle!

Last weekend eight colleagues and I, went on an outdoor high rope adventure trail. One of the most difficult trails around Holland as our instructor insured us. It is designed to test your nerve and awaken your senses, by testing your skills, swinging through the trees crossing rope bridges and tarzan swings at heights up to 15 meters before returning to earth via numerous zip line, relying on just your safety cord.

After the first part of the trail you have to decide to continue or throw in the towel. Continuing means there will be no way back for at least an hour. At first I decide to go on but after reaching the next obstacle I change my mind and go back and chicken out. As soon as my feet hit solid ground I regret my choice.

Why did I listen to my little voice inside? Off course it was trilling but there was no life-or-death treat.

‘Take the straight and narrow path 

and if you start to slide,

give a little whistle!

Give a little whistle!

And always let your conscience be your guide.’   

– As sung by Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney’s Pinocchio

It might have been my gut feeling based on previous experience that I decided to quit. Over the past years I have been at several cross points were I had to make life changing decisions. I guess this time I choose the easy way out. -Bregje-