Geplaatst in Amsterdam


Parenting is probably one of the hardest jobs to do. You need a license to drive, a diploma to swim, a certificate of conduct if you want to be a teacher and so on, but there is no diploma required for having children.

Do you recognize the following? You rather give up in exhaustion than enforce limits. Let your child butt in and take over every adult conversations on behalf of disciple your child. Leaving your precious back home to avoid an another embarrassing scene at the grocerystore.  Instead of encouraging your child to dress him- or her-selves, you take over because you’re  in a hurry. They nag about the rain, so you’ll take them by car.  Using the IPad as a virtual nanny.

Most parents know it’s not commendable to spoil a child materialistic. However how many parents are aware of pampering a child or not setting boundaries can also have a negative influence on the behavior of an infant. Instead they stick closely to their children as they attempt to shield them from being hurt or disappointed. Constantly telling them they’re so special.

What will become of these childeren? Some highbrows think we are raising a generation of narcissistic kids who think only about themselves all of the time and feel a sense of entitlement.

Time will tell… -Bregje-

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