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Our caboodle

It all started out with a guard dog for my mom. When I was born my parents, sister and I moved to a small town out in the country. For my mom this was a big change, born and raised in the city of Amsterdam. The first period my mom was really afraid, being home alone with her two toddlers, when my dad was working nighttime. She presumed that there were men snooping around the house and got really scared. In fact it was the sound of grazing cattle. Or the time that she heard screaming. This turned out to be a distressed hedgehog being attacked by another spiky inheritance. To reassume my mom, my dad arranged a sixteen year old ‘babysitter’. For awhile this was a great solution, but eventually my mom got fed up with a babysitter and wanted back her privacy. From that moment we got a guard dog.

This was the first animal of our caboodle. Growing up we had sheep, a goldfish, chicken, cats, birds, a goat, guinea-pigs, rabbits and so on.

My dad was into breeding rabbits. He had about 10 rabbits in different hutches in the stable. One day before he was going to take the doe to the buck’s hutch he gave my sister and I the option either to be quit or to leave. Ever since I was young I’ve been curious, so I stayed. My sister left. If you ever wondered why Bambi’s friends is called Thumper here’s the explanation.Once you put a doe in a buck’s hutch, the male will then mount the doe from behind. The mating has been accomplishes as the male proceeds to thump his hind feet and falls off the doe with a faint grunt.
When the act was completed I turned to my dad and asked him: ‘Dad, do you thump and grunt as well when you do mom?’
The next day my dad shared this story with his coworkers. Guess what nickname stuck with him for several years? -Bregje