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Being a High School student in Winfield, Kansas I was frequently asked if Holland is near the Netherlands and if we speak Netherlandish?

Only a featherhead can ask a question like that, you might think, but actually I do understand the confusion.

Americans are citizens of the United States of America, Britains of Great Britain, Cubans of Cuba and so on, but what about the Dutch?

In France they speak French, in Turkey Turkish, in Germany German and in The Netherlands we speak Dutch!

To confuse you a bit more The Netherlands is also called Holland.

Another weird thing is the way the Dutch count. ’25’ is pronounced five and twenty instead of twenty five!

This all doesn’t make sense to me. Or will the Dutch proof that evolution CAN go in reverse. -Bregje

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  1. Obviously, many people here have a limited view of the world outside the US. This is in part because what we are taught about the world in school is limited by government in many places. Our current KS state government is working to limit even further what students learn about the rest of the world, especially if it presents the US as less than heroic. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from all of the international students I met growing up in KS. I am happy that I still have the opportunity to work with families and children from all over the world. I would like to think that we as a country are somewhat better at teaching about the rest of the world than in the 80s. Many of us strive to teach kids to accept other points of view in the world, and to seek knowledge to understand other cultures. I think a lot of people aren’t even aware of differences until they meet someone from another country, or are fortunate enough to travel outside the US. Even though most international visitors are well aware of what’s going on here, hopefully the opportunity to meet real people, as opposed to what is said in the media, is a learning opportunity for them, too.

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