I’ve been proven wrong big time!!! 

To start with I’ve been communicating a lot with the lady I am having a home swap with. She is so incredibly nice. I think she one of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. I have to admit that she’s original not from Chicago but for a small town in Kansas. 

The last couple of days I spend a lot of time in the outskirts of Chicago and I am glad to admit that there is a totally different vibe compared to downtown. Many great and cosy places to visit and most important of all,  people are really friendly and helpful. 

Like today I spend a great deal of time in Chitown greatest neighborhoods: Ukrainian village, Buck town and Wicker park. Thanks to their welcoming demeanour I had such a great time. Seen and done thing I would never had figured out on my own.  

I reckon nobody likes to be proven wrong. But when it comes to adjusting my meaning on the Chicagoan, I am happy to do. 

Who would want to miss out on seeing this ‘awesome’ fountain?! -by Bregje 

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