A family tragedy

Today I learned that my childhood friend passed away. She was my very best friend, whom I always have considered as true friend even though we haven’t been in touch since I moved away for graduate school. We went through 8 years of elementary school together. From the day we met we were inseparable. It wasn’t until after we drifted apart that I made other friends.

Her death was sudden and unexpected. Her probable cause of death is heart failure. The minute I read the sad news it sank in and I burst into tears. I was caught off guard by my own response. I guess I did not realize how much our friendship meant to me.

She was way too young to die. What makes her death even more tragic is that her mom has to lay her third child to rest. Her oldest son drowned at the age of 5. Eleven years ago her second youngest daughter also died a sudden death, just like her youngest daughter today. The worst thing that can happen to any parent is the loss of a child, regardless of the age of the child. Let alone losing three children. Unbearable pain and sorrow not only for her mom but also for her brother and sisters.

In September we had our 30 year elementary school reunion. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t present. I was very sorry to hear that she chose to stay away. I was given her e-mail address. I did not write her yet, but it’s on my to-do list…

Good bye my dear Friend. -by Bregje

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