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Shifting gear

Getting your driver’s license in the Netherlands is an expensive affair and can be pretty tough to get. In the States and especially on the farmland of Kansas it’s a piece of cake. From the early age of 16 kids are allowed to drive. They are authorized to drive back and forth to school. Drivers Ed can be followed at school and runs for a couple semesters. Participants receive in-class, in-car and on-the-road training for just a small fee! For what I remember the-behind-the-wheel training wasn’t much more than driving around the school parking lot.

Being a senior in high school I had the opportunity to get my license for FREE as well. Unfortunately my mom threw a monkey wrench in the works. Even my nagging and faking her signature didn’t help.
At the age of twenty eight I finally saved up enough money and to get my driver’s license. Since I didn’t have a car of my own and I didn’t practice enough I lost my convince to drive.

A few weeks ago I finally plugged up my courage and got back behind the wheel with an instructor. As soon as I got into the car she showed me a photo of a fellow instructor who just got in a car crash with his student. The car was wrapped around a tree…. I need to shift gears- Bregje

…to be continued

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