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The discrepancies of celebrating Christmas 

What means Christmas to you? A season of peace, happiness and good cheer to everyone? I never thought of Christmas as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. Writing this blog post I have to ask myself why I always had a strong aversion to Christmas.It’s probably an addition of different facets.

Ever since I was a kid I had a thing about double dealing. For example: My sister and I had to call our elderly neighbors ‘grandpa and grandma’ or me feeling betrayed when I found out Santa doesn’t exit. So why celebrate Christmas as a non Christian?

Coming from a family of ‘upper class’ values, traditions and etiquettes, I never felt at ease. Don’t get me wrong I do not mind informal manners but I have an allergy to these over the top etiquettes. Like having to doll up or dinning etiquette, especially the outmoded cliches about gender roles. Image being raised by a feminist mom.

To me it’s such an antithesis that lots of people pig out or spend a fortune on gifts over Christmas while others are starving to dead or living in fear.

Just think: the prophecy for this year is that more than a quarter of the population of the Dutch will not celebrate Christmas with their family due to quarrels over inheritance. What about the amount of families who do sit together at the dinner table pretending as though nothing were amiss.

Last but not least the group of lonely people is growing as we speak. The pang of loneliness and isolation is more perceptible at ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.

That’s what I call hypocrite- Bregje

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