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The influence of educators 

Being an exchange student at Winfield High Kansas in 1988 I was required to take American history by mr. Jerry A. He taught us the heroic role of America during the World War II. In answer to my query why he did not mention the holocaust I was forced to be quiet. Why couldn’t I speak up? I wonder about mr. A’s intentions. Was he concerned about his innocent students, did he only want to highlight the heroic participation of America during World War II or was he ‘just’ following orders? Either way he drew his students a distorted picture of the World War II.

In response to my blog ‘ Why? ‘ where I referred to the ignorance of many Americans my high school friend, who’s also a teacher, wrote the following:

‘Obviously, many people here have a limited view of the world outside the US. This is in part because what we are taught about the world in school is limited by government in many places. Our current KS state government is working to limit even further what students learn about the rest of the world, especially if it presents the US as less than heroic.’

What’s the world comin’ to if we will not provide children a reliable picture of the world? Educators should put the emphasis on bridging cultural differences and mutual adjustment.  -Bregje

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