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Don’t sweat the small stuff 

If there would be a lesson in life, this trip really forces me to face the fact that life is too precious to take the good things in life for granted. 

Nearly everyone dwells in the past at some point. That’s okay, but some people do it more often and are more likely to get stuck in their own sorrow. What you think comes about. Over time your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

It took me a long time to realize that it is only a mindset to become master over your own thoughts. Of course you have to cull out your gutter at one point but clinging to outdated issues only have a negative effect on you. I met this friendly guy in Chicago. To a certain extent we had a lot in common. The biggest difference is that he still dwells in his past and I moved on. 

Everyone has to deal with his own difficulties in life. For me being childless-not-by-choice will always leave a scar, but on the other hand having children will probably be an even heavier burden at times. 

My return to Kansas has made me realize even more how vulnerable we are and the importance of appreciating life.  
Winfield, the town I use to live 30 years ago lost all its liveliness. I think it disappeared after the non surviving companies closed their doors. I was shocked by the poor state of maintenance and the many abandon places. I was told that in Arkansas, a neighboring town, the degradation is even worse. This might be part of the reason of the high rate of alcohol and meth addictions. As we speak one of my former classmates is in jail, probably for possession of drugs.  

But even more so I was shocked by the amount of friends who are terminally sick, fighting their illness or overcame their illness. I wish every cloud has a silver lining. Bless them all. 

The other day I had this really open conversation with one of my host ‘sisters’ who fought cancer. I was touched by the way she spoke about how she coped and overcame her illness. She took me to a boxing class. Believe me, she is super fit. You go girl! 

I guess the best spirit is to count your blessings. There is no use crying over spilled milk. Move on and as my sister quoted ‘do not sweat the small stuff’. -Bregje 

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