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Small talk 

The authentic resident of Amsterdam, Holland, is really outgoing, talkative and upfront. 
Unfortunately lot of the former residents moved away over the years. The newer population is a lot less extrovert in their first informal contact. The former habitants are more like the New Yorkers today. It looks like most New Yorkers are still in for a chit-chat to a total stranger unlike the people back home who seem to have a more ‘mind your own business’- mentality. 

I like small talk. Some people believe that chit-chatting is nothing but a filler. I disagree. Just making conversation can lead to so many nice things.  In the first place. l am very chatty myself and I am interested in others. In addition, a conversation gives me a positive face and makes me feel approved of by those who are listening to me. I bet this applies to most of us. There are so many benefits of making some conversation. Someone can give you great advice, new insights, make you laugh and cheer you up. Or it can simply help you pass time, connect with people, break the ice or avoids awkward silences. After all every big business deal or great romance starts with a little chat. It also plays a particularly strong social role. Having a chat can lighten up someone’s day. It might be the only conversation one has all day. 

What happened to us? Increasing number of people do not initiate or avoid a conversation. Do we think starting a conversation is annoying and unnecessary or do we think it’s awkward and challenging. 
I wish more people would appreciate the value of small talk. Changing the world around you starts with yourself. I’ll try my best. -by Bregje 

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