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Time to reflect

Who would show up at your funeral and what would they say about you? Generally we don’t have any influence on when we die, but we can take charge of our own life. 

Sometimes we need to just stop and think about who we are and be aware of what’s around us. Take a moment to pause and remember who we truly are, who we wanna be and what we want to become. Take the time to reconsider our choices from time to time, because life is about changes. Sometimes that means that we have to reassess life goals and letting go of dreams. Letting go can feel like giving up, but actually sometimes it can be the best thing we can do for ourself.

Like most people, I reflect on the choices I have made and the career and life paths I am on when transitioning into a new decade of life. In addition to the fact that I have to accept that I am getting older. 

While life hasn’t always been easy and there have been some small and big hurdles to overcome, I feel like I am on the right track. I have grown, especially when it comes to gaining self esteem, building awareness and learning to recognize my triggers and my potentials. I am more aware about when my mind and thoughts are serving me well and when I may need to take control of them. 

To me these are the greatest benefits of getting older. -By Bregje 

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