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Aggression towards paramedics, the police and firefighters

With increasing frequency paramedics, the police and firemen are target of aggression.

To my opinion there are several causes for the increasing violence. So can excessive drinking and/or drug use be a reason. Or the result of changes in the way people communicate. The rise of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play a large role in this. Because of technology you can blurt out what ever you please without revealing your identity or even getting out of your lazy chair. Over the last decade society has become more brutalized. This also applies to the mentality on the street. Communication has become more direct and thereby leads to more confrontations with emergency services. When a situation is not handled to someone’s expectation powerlessness can transform into violence. Last but not least peer pressure and the lack of parental disciple can have a huge influence.

Imagine your dear beloved needs to be reanimated or your house is on fire and emergency services are hindered by troublemakers. Only a moron can’t think of the consequences of his aggressive and antisocial behavior.

The big question is how can we resolve this problem. Implement stricter measures like increase the payments on compensation for the damages, send them to correctional facilities, extend community service or force parents to go on a crash courses on how to discipline their infants?

What ever the reason of this misbehavior might be. If I would be the judge I would impose all the above mentioned punishment. -Bregje

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